Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Audio Drama Sample (English)


Tidus: Two years. It’s been two years since Spira entered the Eternal Calm. I was given a new life. For a year, I was able to walk alongside Yuna. It was great… it really was.

- - -

???? (girl): (name) and I were walking down Bevelle stadium road - formerly known as Mika Road. The stadium that was supposed to be completed by now is still burying its skeleton. Will the tournament really take place here? How will the counsel take responsibility if it doesn’t? Well… doesn’t really matter to me. It has no baring on my life. The real issue for me is the crowd up ahead. And the star shining in the middle of it.

???? (boy): Hey, (name), not that way… we gotta hurry.

???? (girl): Waiting on you, so we might as well just be late. Anyway, look…. isn’t that Tidus?

???? (boy): Huh…?